Equipt (Sunday School)

Equipt (Sunday School)

What is Equipt?

Equipt is the Sunday Bible teaching program for kids and adults at FCC. With a heart for creatively reaching children of all ages, teachers present the Bible as truth and personally applicable for today. FCC desires to equip students to know, love, serve, and enjoy the Lord.

3 year olds-1st grade: Kids in these classes learn the Bible is the Word of God and that God loves them. They are introduced to God and to the men and women of the Bible through stories. Lots of interaction and fun make for a great first “Sunday school” experience for little ones.

2nd-5th grade: Creative large group Bible teaching followed by small-group classroom application combine to give this active group of kids many different ways to learn. Seeing that God Keeps His promises, is sovereign over all, reveals His character through His many names, and that He changes us from the inside out are the goals of the curriculum during these years.

6th – 8th grades: During these junior high years, classes focus first on Christ revealed through the Old and New Testament. Then small round-table discussions encourage questioning, Bible study and application of Biblical truth.

9th-12th grades: High school classes lead students to understand Biblical theology, approach life from a Biblical vs. secular worldview, and to discover “Who I Am in Christ.” As students prepare to move into the world of college and work, teachers encourage them to seek God personally and thereby make their faith their own.

Equipt Missions Project

Helping Orphans in China

Every week the kids in Equipt contribute money to support the orphans at Shepherds Field Children's Village in China. Tim and Joanna Candy, our FCC contacts there, work with kids every day sharing Jesus' love with orphans there. (see the Bulletin board in the gym for a inside look at NEXT14, the mission project). Your kids can give their coins and dollars every Sunday in their Equipt classrooms. YOU can also give - just mark your check EQUIPT MISSIONS and place it in the regular offering.


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9:15 classes
Offered for children age 3 through 12th grade.
At this hour 7th/8th grade boys are studying what it means to be a young man of God, while in a separate class 7th/8th grade girls are studying what it means to be a young woman of God.
Grades 9-12 meet together in the Café.
11:00 classes
Offered for children age 3 through 8th grade.
At this hour 6th-8th grade meet together. No classes for grades 9-12.
For a full list of classes and locations or to see what kids are learning, please visit us at the Equipt Welcome table each Sunday in the gym.