MOSAIC Communities

MOSAIC Communities

Fellowship young adults make up our MOSAIC ministry. Most of us are 18-30ish and we would be honored to get to know you and join you in your faith journey.

All of our living out of the gospel can be described as our simple purpose statement: “Be His - In Community - Do Love.”

Mosaic Communities are focused on two areas:

1 - Community Groups

We are a young adult community whose heartbeat is community groups.  We believe that meeting and welcoming others into our homes is the most important way we can actualize the mosaic values of being His, in community, and doing love.  This is biblical and an incredibly effective way young people can experience acceptance, and ultimately Jesus.

2 - Events / Projects 

So how do people find an entry point into a community-group-based pipeline?  By having plenty of opportunities to hang out.  This means that we're going to be present in many more environments than merely gatherings and missions trips. (i.e. hiking trips, bowling nights, ski/snowboard trips, retreats, nights out, etc.)  Remember that this is our chance to be what's missing to the young adults that we hope to pour into.   



The Gathering

The Gathering is now a quarterly Worship Event....

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