Personal Finance for Teens

Personal Finance for Teens

If you're an adult, are there things you wish you were taught about money when you were younger? If you're a teen, what do you wish someone would explain to you about money?

Why teach teens about finances?

The scary thing about finances today is that teens don't have to have any money to make terrible financial decisions.
And the good news? They don't need to have "lots" of money to make good decisions right now- decisions that can impact them for the rest of their lives.

What does FCC teach about money?

We called to be "good stewards" of everything that God has provided to us- and that includes our finances. Right now, FCC uses the Generation Change curriculum, which is specifically made to educate teens on the subjects of saving, giving, spending, investing, and debt. We believe that the concepts and skills taught in the class align with Biblical principles, while realizing that they are not a substitute for God's word and Spirit.

My high school student doesn't have a job. Why should he or she take a class about money?

Wouldn't it be great if teens knew what to do with money before they got it, instead of after it's spent? Plus, teens will inevitably make decisions about huge amounts money in the near future- choices about college or post-high school education is already on the horizon. But an even more immediately relevant point is that money affects stuff. The stuff you buy them. The stuff you don't buy them. And "68% of teens say there's more pressure to have more things, like computers, cell phones and clothes." This class not only talks about money, but where teens can find their value and the difference between the needs and wants.

You could also look at this document which has some great info for parents. Click here to view.

What are the details?

Generation Change is a 9-week, video-based course, which typically meets in one of our church buildings on Sunday mornings. The cost to attend Generation Change is $30; which includes 3 workbooks to keep.

We haven't scheduled the next class yet, but if you're interested in attending, send us an email and we'll be sure to notify you as soon as a date is set.

Who can I contact?

You can email Ben and Melissa Panter with any questions.

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