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Jesus Alive!

The Jesus You May Not Know Nov 182012 comments

People at the Cross

Jesus was dying on a Roman cross.  In Mark 15: 33-47, we join the crowd at His crucifixion.  It is striking to note who was not present, namely His disciples, but even more instructive to notice the affect of Christ’s death on those who were in attendance. In this sermon, Pastor Mark explores the mysterious work of God at the cross in the people we would least expect and in ways we could not imagine.

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Standing Firm in a Shaky World

The Jesus You May Not Know Nov 042012 comments

Jesus Can’t Save Himself

Jesus spent his life on earth saving those in need.  “Sozo” is the greek word used over and over in the gospels to describe what Jesus did. He healed the sick, he rescued the fearful, he delivered the demon-possessed, and he even restored the dead to life….all acts of “sozo” or salvation. However, in Mark 15:16-32, we find one person Jesus could not save….Himself. What kept Christ nailed to the cross?  Pastor Mark unpacks the powerful truth behind the insult hurled at Jesus in verse 31, “He saved others, but He can not save Himself.”