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The Lord’s Supper

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Centering Your Life on Jesus

Christmas Sermons Dec 162012 comments

God’s Baby Announcement

When God announced His Son’s birth, He turned the world’s paradigm on its head.  Instead of a lavish proclamation to the rich and famous, God sent His glorious angel choir to the dirty misfits of the ancient world, the simple shepherds. Pastor Mark reflects on how this reveals God’s nature of humility. God sends His Son freely to all, without partiality or preference for position or power.  The humble of heart can joyfully receive Him as He has chosen to reveal Himself because God’s way is the way of the humble.

The Jesus You May Not Know Dec 092012 comments

Overview of Mark’s Gospel

Coming to the end of the gospel, Pastor Mark reflects on the book of Mark as a whole.  What did the author want us to take away from this action-packed story of Jesus?  Even more accurately, who is the Jesus that God wanted to reveal to us?  Pastor Mark highlights four recurring themes exquisitely lived out in the life of Christ.  This gospel pulsates with Christ’s “gut-wrenching’ compassion for damaged people. It reverberates with His resolute passion to reveal our desperate need.  It resounds with His uncompromising demand for our genuine devotion; devotion which frees us to follow Him down the path of suffering on the way to experiencing His Resurrection Life.

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Stand in Awe of the Incarnation