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God Finishes What He Starts

The unfinished marble statue of St. Matthew by Michelangelo, stands as a testament to the sculptor’s purpose, “to liberate the image or figure imprisoned in the marble.”  In Philippians 1: 3-8, Pastor Mark explores the liberating work of God in the lives of His people. God is the ultimate sculptor, freeing His imprisoned children from the stoniness of their own humanity, chiseling away all that is not Christ. But unlike the unfinished statue of St. Matthew, that which God begins, He always finishes.

Doing Life With Jesus Jan 202013 comments

The Gospel of Joy

If the apostle Paul had a favorite, the Philippian church would have been it.  Thriving and faithful to Christ despite real hardship, the church of Philippi, held a special place in Paul’s heart.  Pastor Mark takes us on an overview Philippians; a unique letter to a unique church.  Despite ethnic and social diversity, persecution, poverty and potentially disparate loyalties, Paul’s letter to the Philippian believers is brimming with confidence in Christ’s unifying love and the joyous assurance of His sovereign lordship in all things.

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Working in Our Great Pain

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The God above all gods