The Hunger that Satisfies

A study on the Beatitudes, which is Jesus’ introduction to the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5, this series focuses on what Christian living is supposed to look like, which contrary to what many might believe, is the antithesis of following a list of rules. In fact, Jesus tells us the first requirement for entering the kingdom is that we recognize our inability to live the life He has asked us to. “My hope is that people will come out of this study on the Beatitudes with an overwhelming sense of our need of Christ,” says Pastor Mark. The word radical comes from the Latin word ratics, which means root. Essentially, radical means taking it back to the root, and that is exactly what this series aims to do: reexamine the basics of Christian living, particularly our attitudes, and challenge us to lose the do-it-yourself attitude in exchange for one that is totally dependent on Jesus.

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