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Hope Has Come

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The Humility of Christmas

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Jesus’ Credentials

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Re-calibrating at Christmas

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God With Us

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The Infinite Becomes an Infant

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The Thrill of Hope, The Weary World Rejoices

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Unto You a Savior… Christ the Lord

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God’s Baby Announcement

When God announced His Son’s birth, He turned the world’s paradigm on its head.  Instead of a lavish proclamation to the rich and famous, God sent His glorious angel choir to the dirty misfits of the ancient world, the simple shepherds. Pastor Mark reflects on how this reveals God’s nature of humility. God sends His Son freely to all, without partiality or preference for position or power.  The humble of heart can joyfully receive Him as He has chosen to reveal Himself because God’s way is the way of the humble.

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