Missions: Dale & Karen Marshfield

Dale & Karen Marshfield

Dale & Karen Marshfield

Outreach: ABWE (USA) International Theological Education

Dale, as director of International Theological Education, is responsible for enhancing ministry training programs worldwide.  We believe that in the next era of missions, one of the greatest contributions North American based missionaries can make is to ensure that nationals have access to quality theological education programs so they can prepare for effective ministry in their own countries.  In this regard Dale spends most of his time training college professors overseas in curriculum design, course development, and teaching strategies.  He also teaches in various colleges and seminaries, assists schools in developing strategies for viability and excellence in education and occasionally serves on the boards of strategic institutions (i.e. educational institutions with a broad reach). 

Dale Aug. 21
Karen March 24
Anniversary: July 10



1.        Thank God with us for a good candidate class.  In spite of her broken arm, Karen ran the kitchen for the 9 days of training.  God provided a great group of women from her home church in Toledo to help her as well as other volunteers.  This was a great answer to prayer.
2.       Dale will leave for 2 weeks of ministry in the Philippines on Saturday (24 March).  He will have three day training sessions in two different colleges.  This is a new training seminar that he is has just developed, but it is a part of our 5 year commitment to the development of the Filipino faculty within these schools.  
3.       Dale will return from the Philippines on April 5, then on April 5 Dale and Karen leave for South Africa.  Dale has a week of training with the faculty of Cornerstone Institute in Cape Town.  This is the first time he has worked with this faculty, and hopefully it will be the beginning of a long term relationship with this fully accredited Christian college.  Pray that things go well, and that this school will become the base from which we can launch a number of training sites throughout Africa.  That is the big picture hope as we enter into this initial contact.