Missions: David & Janice Clemens

David & Janice Clemens

David & Janice Clemens

Location:  New Jersey
Mission: David Clemens Bible Teaching Ministries

Dave conducts yearly trips to European countries and Cuba to preach and teach the Word of God. His speaking engagements include church conferences, Bible conferences, camps, seminaries, and retreats. He also has a counseling ministry and has written the
Steps to Maturity volumes.

Personal Information:
Janice March 15
David:  August 8
Anniversary:  February 13

Phone: 856-983-0189
E-mail:  drdavidclemens@aol.com


Pray for David and Janice to get some needed rest this month as they are both dealing with some health issues.

Pray for David and Janice as they make preparations for the ministries coming up this year.