Missions: Lowell & Dixie Patterson

Lowell & Dixie Patterson

Lowell & Dixie Patterson

Outreach: ABBA (USA)

ABBA’s mission statement: Believing that life begins at conception and belongs to God (Ps.139:16) and believing that abortion is murder of life created in the image of God (Gen. 1:27), we purpose in obedience to the Scriptures to minister to the needs of women with an unplanned pregnancy, and to offer practical help and support to overcome the problems created by an unwanted pregnancy (James 2:15-17) so a woman will choose to bring her child to term rather that abort.

The Pattersons purpose is to seek the personal salvation of those to whom they minister, and disciple them in the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ (Mt. 28:19-20).

ABBA Ministries offer supportive services to women with an unplanned pregnancy, in order to offer an alternative to abortion.

Most women of childbearing age today have always known that abortion is an option to an untimely pregnancy.  Even women who are “pro-life” will consider that option under the wrong circumstances; and women who are absolutely pro-life may still have immediate problems that will be complicated by the pregnancy.

In addition to practical help, pregnancy tests, referrals for pre-natal care, financial help with pregnancy related expenses, ABBA reaches beyond to help locate and stabilize relationships that will be supportive when the baby comes.  That may include immediate family, extended family, adoptive families,  or group living programs. 

Many times educational alternatives are needed.
We also offer classes to prepare for childbirth and early parenting; and help with baby supplies.  All our services are free, and the opportunity to witness for the Lord Jesus Christ is taken at every occasion of involvement.  All our volunteers are from Bible-believing local churches, and trained in how to present the gospel.

We maintain a 24 hour hotline, staffed to be answered live.

Lowell Jan. 12
Dixie June 1
Anniversary: March 21

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Please pray for wisdome, courage, and discernment for the 30 hotliners and counselors who anser the phones and meet with callers and clients.

Pray that God would give the counselors wisdom in dealing with difficult situations.