Missions: Tim & Ginny Good

Tim & Ginny Good

Ministry Information:

Location: Poland
Mission: Word of Life International
Ministry details: Tim & Ginny are the camp directors at Word of Life, Poland.  Along with all of the responsibilities surrounding camp ministry, Tim & Ginny are also involved with the Discipleship in Action Program, which encourages Christians to develop godly habits in their lives.  They are also actively involved with Bible Clubs and Youth Meetings in their local church.

Personal Information:

Tim: July 7
Ginny: October 23
Matthew: October 4, 1992
Elizabeth: November 22, 1994
Kristina: September 12, 1996
Anita: May 1, 1998
Anniversary date: August 18

Mailing Address:
ul. Łanowa 24/26
95-100 Zgierz

Tim’s Email: woltimgood@gmail.com
Ginny’s Email: wolginnygood@gmail.com
Website: http://www.wordoflife.pl

Suggested ways of encouragement:

  1. Just an email knowing that you are remembering us and our prayer requests
  2. We could set up a time to talk with a group from church via telephone.  I can call a telephone through my computer or if someone had “Skype” we could talk for free.  If you could set it up on a speaker phone, then everyone could hear.
  3. We have appreciated the encouragements of teams coming over to help!  This is wonderful!
  4. Any good Christian book that someone has recently read and enjoyed.  We love missionary biographies and have used many to read during family devotions (Just before you send one, best to ask if we already read it, because we have many)
  5. Any good family video (comedy) or Christian film

Anticipated next furlough: Unsure

Praise that their papers have been submitted to the governemnt for the Youth Ministry Center.

Pray for the Youth Club meetings.