There's a lot going on at Fellowship. Check back here often to keep up to date.
  • Jesus in the Neighborhood

    This summer at the Haddonfield Campus of Fellowship we are doing a mini-series of short talks each week, with the purpose of looking at how to live out the mission of Jesus in our day to day lives.

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  • Video: Haddonfield Outtakes

    Here are the Outtakes from the "this is who we are video"

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  • Video: Jesus is Redemption

    Over the past few Sundays, we have been sitting with the word 'Redemption'.

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  • Haddonfield: 6 Month Direction

    A few weeks ago, Ben shared about our the Haddonfield Campus. This was basically a ‘State of the Campus’ talk. The desire of the following points that he discussed on February 15th is honesty. This includes both ‘Concerning Realities’ and ‘Beautiful Attributes’ of where we are now. The following also gives direction of where God is leading us to go. Through many conversations with God and with people at the campus, the following points are offered.

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