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What is inFellowship?

What is inFellowship?


ARE YOU (in)?

We are excited to announce the arrival of inFellowship, the place to go where you can access everything that connects you to FCC!

What is inFellowship? 

Infellowship is a Church Management System and an amazing online resource that will enhance the way we connect with & love our church family and our community. It will provide the opportunity for people to:

Be KNOWN: be in our photo directory and see others there, keep your information up to date, share and see profiles of interests, hobbies, skills with others in the body 

Be CONNECTED/CARED FOR: find a small group or Bible study, connect with others in your demographic group, meet the needs of those around you, enjoy a faster, more secure Nursery/ Children’s Ministry check-in process, do regular giving online 

Be INVOLVED: find a ministry opportunity, a place to serve, ways to use your gifts to help others

Your info is never shared with others outside of FCC. Also, only staff and ministry leaders with admin clearance can access the system as a whole. If you opt into the church directory, others at FCC who opt in will be able to see your basic family information (what is published in most church directories).

Please take a moment to create an account and verify your information. If you have any questions please contact the inFellowship team at

How to create an account for yourself

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