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YAM’s ‘My Story’ Begins

YAM’s ‘My Story’ Begins

Fall is the perfect time to restart, reconnect, and rejuvenate many components of your faith...


Fall is the perfect time to restart, reconnect, and rejuvenate many components of your faith, and getting connected to the group of vibrant, Jesus-seeking believers that make up the Young Adult Ministry is a good way to accomplish all three – if you’re a young adult, that is.  Right now the YAMMERS are back to meeting every Tuesday night at 7:30 in Chip and Nancy Candy’s home, and September 14th was their first taste of a new series titled My Story, which seeks to illustrate a life of faith through the personal testimonies of a different young adult each week.

“I was very grateful for the honesty and the desire of the participants to both challenge one another in their faith and to grow closer together as a community,” says Ben Willey, new member of the YAM Leadership Team.  “It was encouraging to hear so many of the guys in my group admit they want friendships that consist of more than just superficial niceties.  They want the sharing of souls.  They want us to share the mess of our lives.  It’s not something that’s conquered in a week, but people are saying they want a more genuine connection, and I’m energized by that.”

If you’ve never been to a YAM gathering, here’s what you can expect: Dinner with thirty young adults just like yourself, then gender-based small group sharing (this time the guys went to the backyard to sit around the fire pit, and the girls stayed in for coffee), followed by a whole-group discussion about that night’s topic, and ending with an informal time to get to know some of the other YAMMERS.   

If you have checked out YAM before but haven’t showed your face in a while, the group would love to see you again.  In fact, this past Tuesday, many folks who hadn’t been to a function in months trickled through the doors, so now is the perfect time to jump in and reconnect.  

The group meets at 105 Evans Road in Marlton.  There is no need to sign up or warn anyone you’re coming, but if you need directions or would like some more information before you take the plunge, contact Ben Willey at or (847) 912-1172.

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