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A Tale of Two Kingdoms

“Before Him the nations are nothing,” proclaims the prophet Isaiah.  Yet, Christ did not seem very powerful or prominent in Mark 15:1-15, as He stands before Pilate with His hands bound.  In this passage, Pastor Mark explores the nature of the Kingdom of God and it’s power and influence in the Kingdom of Man.

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Youth Sunday 2012

What is a Testimony?

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The Judge on Trial

The Judge of the living and the dead is standing trial.  In Mark 14: 53-72, Pastor Mark takes us into the clandestine courtroom and out through the fire lit courtyard where the Son of Man is being judged.  In both scenarios the Lord of the Universe is judged unworthy.  The Sanhedrin, in the courtroom, cannot tolerate an unmanageable god who does not fit into their boxes. Yet, paradoxically we find Peter, Jesus disciple, in the courtyard joining the Sanhedrin in denying Christ. How could this be? Looking back, we see that the exhaustion of busyness and the self-dependence of pride had separated Peter from Christ, and in his felt isolation he gave way to fear and disbelief.

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The Awesome Submission of Christ