Community Groups

What are Community Groups?

Whether you are new to FCC or a seasoned member, community groups are a place to delve deeper into the Word of God while forming God-glorifying bonds with brothers and sisters in Christ.
Vision Statement: Community groups at FCC support, learn, and serve for the greater worship of God and expansion of His kingdom.

God never intended for the Christian life to be a solo flight.  We are designed to live and grow in community.  Our vision at FCC is to be a “Community of communities”, one body meeting in many small groups. We strongly encourage your participation in a Community (made up of 10-15 adults).  It is here that we experience the “ONE ANOTHERS” of the New Testament (“pray for one another, encourage one another, exhort one another, welcome one another”, etc.)

Mission: Here at FCC we seek to bring glory to Christ in all of our endeavors. One way we desire to glorify the Lord is by reflecting His likeness in our own church community. Like the new Christians of Acts, we, too, want to devote ourselves to the teaching of God's Word, to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to prayer. Our vision for FCC community groups starts with supporting, learning, and serving. First, FCC community groups are the primary way for people to personally invest in each other's lives. Second, community groups are rich forums for Bible study and sermon discussion. Lastly, individuals seek to meet the needs of others not only within the same community group but also of those in the greater community.

Getting Involved: Please stop by the Community Group display in the lobby to learn more about what types of groups are available. There are heterogenous groups as well as groups for young adults, singles, marrieds, young families, empty-nesters and everything in between! Groups meet at various locations on all different times.

When do Community Groups Meet?

There are groups that meet on different days and at different times in different locations. Check out which group might fit where you are.

Young Marrieds: for those just married through having children up to 5yrs old.

Check out the Young Marrieds groups

MOSAIC: young adults 18 to 30ish

Check out the MOSAIC groups

ALPHA: a great place to ask questions about God and Faith

Check out the ALPHA groups

Family In Focus: raising families to be God-Honoring

Check out the FIF groups

SALT: senior adults living triumphantly, for those 55 and over

Check out the SALT groups

Neighborhood: location-based groups on various topics

Check out our Neighborhood groups

Browse all of our Community groups and narrow your search by category, age, location, and more.

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